Our Mission

GeekCause recognizes that nonprofit organizations – just like their for-profit counterparts – rely heavily on technology to achieve their mission of helping others. Services such as IT support, network security, optimization, website development, database management, and digital marketing are all essential to a nonprofit’s day-to-day needs.

Typically, nonprofits (especially smaller ones) have limited budgets and cannot afford the high, ongoing costs of traditional technology consulting firms. Often, nonprofits are forced to rely on donated time or simply choose to do without certain services.

The good news is there are thousands of technology professionals who would like to donate their time to help a nonprofit. Most have full-time jobs, so a volunteer opportunity that doesn't intrude on their day jobs would be an ideal fit. But where to start?

That’s why we founded GeekCause. Our dual mission is to address the technology needs of nonprofits while at the same time helping technology professionals find volunteer opportunities that fit their passions and schedules.

Originally founded in 2017 by Atiba, a Nashville-based technology consulting firm, GeekCause was a way for their employees to lend their skills to local nonprofits. With 130 volunteers and eight projects complete, Atiba saw an opportunity to expand the program’s reach through a partnership with Hands On Nashville. Thanks to generous support from The Frist Foundation, GeekCause now has a home at HON, where we will continue the good work for great causes in our community.