Make Your Nonprofit Website A Marketing Tool

A lot of people who run or work for non-profit organizations shy away from technology. And that’s understandable. Whether it is an arts organization, a charity for less fortunate people, a group working to cure a disease, or any other types of nonprofits there are out there, the focus is on the cause, not being a techie.

But you can use your website as a marketing tool without having any technical knowledge. And you can do some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without knowing the first technical thing about SEO. It comes down to having a blog and posting on it regularly.

You may have someone outside your organization you pay to “do your website.” If your organization is larger and you have a constantly changing website, you may have someone on staff doing it. Either way, set up a blog on your site that someone who is involved in the day-to-day business of your nonprofit cause contributes to on a regular basis. You don’t have to call it a blog. Call it a Journal or Weekly News. Call it whatever you want. The important thing is to update it on a regular basis with content related to your cause.

Once the platform is setup in the back end, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to learn how to log in and post. If you use a good WordPress Developer, or use a platform like Square Space, you don’t need to know any code to post to your nonprofit blog.

As far as SEO goes, if you write content related to your cause, you will be doing SEO without knowing anything about anchor text, backlinks or keywords. Post once a week. Post once a month. Just do it on a regular basis. There will always be more that you could do, but the first rule of SEO is doing something is better than doing nothing.

The result will be an increase in traffic from people who are interested in your cause. That’s what marketing is all about, right?

If you need technical help setting up a blog on your website, post your project here on GeekCause. Then dive in and get your story out!

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